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Air Conditioning Whether you need a new air conditioning unit installed or an old unit repaired or maintained, Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating is here for you. A properly functioning air conditioning unit in Texas is a necessity not a luxury. We’ve been providing expert air conditioning service in DFW for more than 25 years. Let us help you beat that Texas heat while saving money! Give us a call today to schedule a consultation & get started!

AC Repair Any air conditioning system, even the best, can break down from time to time. Often times depending on the age of your unit, repairing it might be the best & most cost efficient option for our customers. Fixing your AC on a DIY basis is not the option. Especially when the Texas summer heat is in full effect. You’ll need & want professional help. Let Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating repair it for you!

AC Maintenance Want to avoid calling us or someone else in the middle of the hot Texas summer for an emergency AC repair? Then contact us & we’ll get you scheduled for preventative maintenance. Performing AC maintenance at your home or commercial building can reduce the likelihood that you will experience any problems or emergencies over the lifetime of your system. Let us help you maintain your system for as long as possible before having to replace it! Give us a call today to get you scheduled for routine system maintenance!

AC Installation Air conditioning in the great state of Texas is a necessity, especially during the Texas summer heat. Upgrading or replacing your unit might be the best, or only option in your home or commercial building. However, given the potential complexity of the project & significant financial investment you will be making, you’ll want to work with an experienced & proven team that is licensed & insured. If you’re looking for an upgrade or in need of a new unit to replace your old one, then give us a call & let Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating help!


Whether you need a new heating unit installed or an old unit repaired or maintained, Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating is here for you. Even though Texas is known for its hot summers, ensuring your heating system is in good order will keep your home or commercial building comfortable & cozy year round. Let us give you peace of mind & ensure your heating unit is prepared for those occasional cold days & nights. We’ve been providing expert heating service in DFW for more than 25 years. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation & get started!

Heating Repair Heating repairs can often come up suddenly. You’re comfortable in your home while it’s cold outside one minute, and the next you’re freezing! If you decide to work with Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating, you will enjoy access to professional heating repairs & extremely competitive prices. Our team will accurately test & evaluate your system to determine the exact cause of the problem & walk you through every solution available. Our goal, just like yours, is to get your unit back up and running as soon as possible & ensure those cold days are a thing of the past. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

Furnace Repair If your home is warmed by a furnace, then you’ll need a trusted & experienced contractor when repairs are required. The average furnace is quite reliable, but all equipment needs some repairs from time to time. To avoid untimely & unfortunate breakdowns, consider routine maintenance & save some money along the way too! Staying ahead of furnace problems is by far the best way to get optimal performance out of your system all winter long. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation & prevent any serious issues from occurring down the road!

Heat Pump Repair Heat pumps are extremely versatile units. They can warm a home in the winter & also cool it in the summer. However, if your heat pump has worked hard all summer long cooling down your home or commercial building, then it is definitely going to experience some wear and tear before the winter time. Preventive maintenance performed a couple of times per year can help to ensure your heat pump continues running efficiently without any problems. When problems do come up though, then be sure to reach out to us for fast, easy & professional service.

Heating Installation When maintenance & repairs aren’t an option, new equipment is required. Our team can install equipment from a variety of the top brands in the industry. We can handle the installation work for a new construction project, or install a new unit in an existing building. In addition to the installation work, we will work together with you to determine what equipment is best suited for your needs & budget. Reach out to us to ensure your new heating system is installed in time for winter!


A properly functioning HVAC system is KEY to keeping your home the temperature you desire throughout the year. Whether you need cooling in the middle of a hot summer Texas day, or heating on a cold winter night, the last thing you want is your HVAC system to fail. With our expert HVAC service in DFW, Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating will help you keep your system running efficiently all year long. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation & let us come up with the best solution for you!

Thermostat Installation A thermostat is the only way to control your system. Therefore, you want to ensure yours is working properly. The technology for thermostats has come a LONG way in recent years. We recommend upgrading even if your old model is technically still functioning. Why? A modern thermostat allows you to set schedules, control your system through a touchscreen interface & may even connect to your phone. All of these new & neat features will help save you money in the long run. Reach out to us if you’re interested or want to learn more!

Zone Control Systems In a standard HVAC system, the whole home is heated and cooled to the same temperature, based on the reading taken by the thermostat. However, some homeowners find that they would like to have more control over the temperature in each room rather than the entire house. If you’re looking for this type of performance from your unit, then zone control systems are the best fit for you. Adding zone control to your HVAC system will allow you to dial in the right setting for individual rooms or sections of the house. These systems like the new thermostats are a great way to ensure your comfort in all parts of the house while also saving you money & energy by only heating or cooling the part of the house being used. If you’re interested or want to learn more, then reach out to us!

Air Handlers Having equipment in your home to heat or cool air is great, but those pieces alone won’t do the whole job. The air that is heated or cooled also needs to be moved & that’s the job of an air handler. If you need to have an air handler installed, maintained or repaired in DFW, then reach out to us!

HVAC Inspection Inspecting your entire HVAC system is the best way to determine the cause of existing issues & prevent issues from occurring in the future. We highly recommend & encourage our customers to have a complete HVAC inspection performed before you move into a house. You also might want to request this service just to check on the state of your current system. Our team is licensed, experienced & ready to provide a comprehensive inspection of your system. Reach out to us to schedule your inspection!

Commercial HVAC

An HVAC system that services a commercial facility is a complex network of equipment, ducts & control panels. It requires an experienced team to handle commercial HVAC projects. Don’t trust this work to a company without a proven track record. We’ve successfully served many commercial clients in & around DFW over the year. You can trust that Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating is up to the challenge! We can handle any sized project, we will work around your schedule, & we can do it all no matter the type of equipment or systems involved. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation & see how we can help!



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